June 23rd 2017 update:

Production in the studio is going pretty smoothly. I have so many new ideas, I can barely sleep! Until I reach the point of making my new product ideas come to life, I’ve refined my prints, finally! And they are up in my LeckArt Paper Etsy shop now!


Etsy is where my shop currently resides. I add art as I create it. I am always trying to figure out what kind of products I enjoy creating most. I’ve made pillows, blouses, greeting cards, prints, even candles.

In production right now are illustrated California native flowers. You can watch me paint them on my (Youtube Channel). I post a painting time-lapse a week on Youtube and on this blog (I’ve paused film production while I set up a better system…just for a little while.) But a couple of those flowers are now up in my shop!

I’ve put some of my greeting cards on sale as I plan to replace them with new work.

Shop-Leck.Art (greeting cards) are $4-4.50 $3-3.50

There are just a few of the Craftsman style throw pillows left…

(Craftsman Throw Pillows)- $15 $10

Check out each listing for more details and photos.