I’m Lauren. Welcome!
Here on the Leck.Art blog, you will find art, nature, style, and daily inspiration.  I’m working to create my little corner of the internet that reflects an outdoorsy, painterly, and DIY kind of life. I started this blog as a way to have an outlet and a way to document the many ways in which I like to be creative. It was difficult narrowing it all down to one niche. So, I decided to create a website that showcases my portfolio as an artist and a blog that features casual posts about sewing, camping, and daily inspiration all in one.
A few more things…

I tend to stick with subjects like mountain streams, desert landscapes, and tropical/vintage prints. But as of 2017, my focus has shifted to mostly California native plants and the great outdoors. I’ve also begun my journey in learning about the environment I paint by carrying along books that help me identify native flowers. It’s further connecting me to my favorite subject matter. My favorite mediums are gouache, watercolor, and graphite.

Gouache Tree painting
Gouache Tree Painting

I combine art, fabric, interior design, photography, and random DIY crafts in one place of self-expression-now featured in “Casual Friday” posts.

Sewing process…


 I’m engaged to a fellow artist. Vince is my best friend. He is my biggest critic and my biggest supporter. And I am his biggest fan! Once he gets a website for his art, I will be sure to link to it here. 
Vincent Mendoza-Self-portrait

At the moment, Leck.Art Paper & Textiles is the business I’m growing. I’m busy painting landscapes and prints. This artwork is then transferred onto fabric and paper goods for you to enjoy. (It’s all on Etsy now! Check out the “Shop” link above or click on the “Shop Updates” link on the home page)

Leck.Art Paper & Textiles
*All artwork and photos are property of Lauren Eckhart -unless noted*