To be honest with you, I’m not much of a writer.  I’ve blogged about some adventures on my website and those posts were full of descriptive re-tellings of those adventures. But I feel more comfortable keeping things short and sweet. I get the biggest kicks out of brainstorming little projects like short creative writings. I enjoy filling posts with beautiful imagery and a few sweet words. I don’t enjoy writing novels. I’m a visual person and I still love reading a bit about what I’m seeing but all I need is something that sets a mood and gets to the point. So, without too many more words, enjoy some photos from a day in Abalone Cove with my good Friend, Armando. I’m going to say “enjoy” one more time. Enjoy!



Our adventures in Abalone Cove include a walk along the coast, plein air painting, birding, a trip to the aquarium, and kabobs at the fish market.


Let me tell you a bit about my hiking/painting partner. Armando is a natural teacher. Every step of the way (on this outing and any other time we hang out), he’s teaching me about our surroundings. He’s a birder among other things and he loves to encourage others to learn about the animals we share a home with.  With my love for painting California flora, I feel that I have a lot to prove. I want him and you all to know that I’m not just painting pretty things, I’m getting to know these things too. Being educated in my favorite subject matter is important to me. Thanks for teaching me new things Mando! I hope to know as much about native flowers as you do about birds…(and many other things)