Hi! Welcome to Leck.Art!


Leck.Art is a portfolio and a blog that explores nature through gouache, watercolor, travel, and photography.

I paint landscapes inspired by reality however the vibrant gouache palette I often use results in something more fantastical.

I also paint California Native flowers!

In my Etsy shop, I make art for the adventurer, outdoorsman, and all around nature-lover. I make postcards for collecting and sharing and art prints to hang on the walls of your home. I want to create a keepsake that will be a reminder of adventures had.



-Thanks for being here!

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Leopard Lily Illustration- Gouache Painting
Lilium Pardalinum Leopard Lily ________ Stacked tall like a staircase. Spotted like a wildcat, And curled up with a downward face. Thriving in the damp...
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Arroyo Lupine Illustration- Lupinus Succulentus Gouache Painting
The Arroyo Lupine is a beautiful California native flower that can be found along coastal sage scrub and chaparral habitats. They belong to the pea...
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